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A: Try running gpg --keyserver --recv-keys Also, the IBM Key is a symmetric key and its length is 128 bits. You can read about it here. Update - The guide above is for the public key of the RSA keypair. The private key is different. A: Found a better solution. Create a new "Service Account" in your vSphere client Give the "Service Account" role permission to manage key objects. For your VMware Cloud vSphere 6.7 license key run the following in a new Terminal window (make sure you logout of all active sessions) sudo apt-get install ncurses-bin gpg --keyserver --recv-keys gpg --export -a | sudo apt-key add - nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vmware-cloud-install.list and add this to the list deb main Restart the update process and it should work now Ask HN: Open Source Accelerators for startups? - rurounijones Is there any information about any accelerators that offer open source technology or funding?I am aware of YC for example, but I have heard a lot about accelerators that offer funding but little or nothing about open source solutions. ====== devonbarrett I heard of the ESRWorks accelerator. They just launched and it's really amazing. It's based in Europe, and they support open source but with heavy focus on Ruby on Rails. They get you set up in a shared office environment with an experienced dev and a great mentor. ------ pgsandstrom I've heard of some for Java, but I'm not sure if those include open source. Another for Python, although with a focus on data science. For PHP, I've heard of the Cloud

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